Weird and wonderful experiments that are fueled by fun!

The learning lab is home to all kinds of possibilities!

Your guests get to take part in real time experiments and see the results before their eyes. All explained by the host giving, the children a real understanding of the process!

This can be adapted to any theme or interest!

Learn how to make your own sensory supplies, explore all kinds of weather indoors and mix potions to create yummy treats to enjoy after the party!


Mystery Box

Supporting learning at home is more important now than ever; and playing and talking together is the most powerful tool in the box. Each box is small enough to fit through your letter box, but jam packed full of fun!


Hiding inside each box, you’ll find:


Themed Activity/ Craft/ Challenge

Puzzles & Visuals

Prizes to Unlock


Activities to Enjoy after the party/ event is over



Rock The House  – Shared games with rules, Challenges and a little competition! *


Learning Lab– Open ended opportunities to construct, invent, create and problem solve *


Escape The Room –  Investigative activities to discover and question the world around you *


Planet Protectors – Mindful activities to nurture self-awareness, resilience and wellbeing


Star Studio – Experimenting with different ways of moving to improve balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness. Building their confidence along the way!


(Free UK postage!)


Themed Invite

Instructions for the parents